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This item is a complete set of 3 (M, S & XS) pink crystal Yoni eggs in real Rose Quartz crystal from Brazil.
Small sized Rose Quartz eggs, each fits in the palm of your hand. The set comes in 3 different sizes ideal for you who are committed deeping your SelfLove and connection to your vagina (Yoni in sanskrit), unleashing your potential to greater pleasure and orgasms.

- 100% natural - does not contain any chemicals or artificial treatment
- Smooth surface
- Can support, relieves muscular and emotional tension
- Can enhance pleasure

Drilled eggs or undrilled. Drilled for the option to use string (flouride free waxed floss or organic silk or hemp thread) to tie to the egg for advanced yoni-egg practices or for those wanting to pull the egg out manually.

M: The biggest size we offer. 30x45mm - Most popular and frequently used. Recommended by us and good to start with.
S: 30x40mm - advanced user.
XS: 30x20mm - advanced and can be used as a weight added to any other egg with string in between. This requires drilled eggs.

Typically, beginners will start with a larger eggs and work there way to a smaller egg. Size large is to heavy to start with according to me from my extended experience and research. and therefor we do not offer large size. /Sanna, Tantra, Hatha, Kundalini Yogateacher and Women's Health & Wellness coach.

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Yoni eggs are not recommended for women using an IUD (ask your doctor for more information). Colour and size variations may occur because they are hand shaped and made out of pure rose quartz crystals.
Due to the intimate nature of these crystals we do not make any refunds or exchanges.

Photos: Anna Maria Liljestrand & HAW (Helena Arlock)

We create magic from raw earth. 

Each unique EYESEEi piece is hand-made. Every material used in making EYESEEi jewelry is carefully selected: the hand-chosen, real earth crystals from around the world are all roughly cut or keep raw.  When combined with the sterling silver, the fusion of rough-cut earth crystals with metallic elements demonstrate the beautiful diversity found in nature.

EYESEEi was founded by Swedish fashion designer Sanna Aulén in 2013. Before she created EYESEEi, Sanna studied and worked with clothing in the global fashion industry longing to create items that she could connect with in a more sustainable and meaningful way to underline the slow fashion movement she wants to be part of.  

Sanna describes EYESEEi's jewelry:  "I wanna evoke a feeling that every piece act as an intimate muse, bringing out our potential and the best of us. Both in a esthetic way as well as consiously." 

I have my roots in the indigenous Samis of the North. I've always had a strong connection to nature and treasured the earth with the firm belief that all of life is connected somehow, from Earth itself, to us. I believe that our bodies are like mirrors of nature and when one is celebrated and nurtured, so will the other be. A part of my celebration is EYESEEi."

EYESEEi makes frequent use of crystals that springs from Sanna’s childhood where she collected and played with crystals she in the summer time found in her grandma's lake next to her farm in the Swedish woods. Now, Sanna’s fascination with the earth, as well as her connection to it, blends with the unique Scandinavian style. This forms her jewelry line: a carefully balanced "natural meets industrial look” which comes through in the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings that EYESEEi presents.

Thank you for showing interest in independent designers and EYESEEi! Help us support "the little people"!  

For more info, orders or custom-made pieces please contact order@eyeseei.com